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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Sugar Blue's

On Friday September 27th there was an all star line-up of living Blues Legends along with a few up and coming local Blues brothers and sisters. They were all apart of a once and lifetime show at Hamilton Place dubbed as the 'Blues Explosion'.
I was unaware of this incredible event until I saw the worlds greatest Harmonica player rock the socks off everyone, on CHCH Morning Live.  Of course, it was no other than the great 'Sugar Blue!' Soon after watching him play in disbelief I thought, I need to see if he would be interested in coming on Euphonious Radio. I contacted him through Facebook and his response was quick and positive, I must say he was easily accessible and it was an absolute honour to speak with him.
Our conversation with Sugar Blue will be aired as part of the weekly Blues Show and the Indie Spotlight. In the meantime, you can enjoy some current and classic videos of him on You Tube performing his own original recordings and some others.
The Blues Explosion show was great and well worth the $70.00 ticket price for a fourth row centre seat and the sound of the room was truly, awesome!
I will expand more on the show over the next few posts, this one is all about 'Sugar Blue', 'The World's Greatest Harp Player'.
If you have seen him play you will agree, he is a master of the Harmonica, without any doubt. He has learned techniques which allows him to produce sounds like no one else. There are times when it sounds like there are two players instead of just a solo player. Somehow, he can play the bass and rhythm sections at the same time or at least make it sound like it. Unfortunately, there was some politics which prevented him from playing more than a song. I still do not fully understand what happened but I know it was related to the low ticket sales. It was a big disappointment, however I'm sure he did what he had to do, as opposed to what he wanted to.
It was definitely a highlight for Euphonious Radio, meeting with him and recording a conversation which will be aired on Sunday October 20, 2013. I really hope, I get another chance to see him perform a full show.

Sugar Blue on YouTube