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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Love Of Music

Well, winter is definitely in the air, the nights are very cold and the day's range from cold to comfortable, like in a t-shirt and jeans along with a hoodie. Although, the weather is constantly changing, our love for great music never does and there is never a shortage of new and classic music for your listening pleasure. The love for Indie music on Euphonious Radio is very much alive and kicking-ass.
Since the beginning of Euphonious Radio (2012) we have met close to one hundred plus musicians from all over the globe. They support the concept of Euphonious and therefore they willingly share their music with us, so we can enhance your music experience.
The relationship of Loving The Music can start anywhere with anyone, it's not dependent on anything other than pure love.
It's not dependent on a membership card or certain type of credit card. Anyone, anywhere can enjoy the love of music. It is all around us, on the radio, the web, the t.v. and on our cell phones and of course our MP3 players.
When a soul relinquishes itself to the music on hand, it is simply a beautiful thing.
It is this, spirit of loving music that drives my internet radio station Euphonious Radio.
If you have listened before and enjoyed the experience, please do share us with your follower's and don't be shy, please make some time to comeback and enjoy the music!
If you are new to us that is also great, please do enjoy your music experience with Euphonious Radio.