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Thursday, June 11, 2015

WTFest - A Showcase Of Indie Music

In two days Brantford will become the centre of the music universe when it launches the 1st Annual WTFest music festival Saturday June 13 and Sunday June 14 at Lions Park. Well, maybe only the centre of our local music community but that's ok. For those of us, who live within a 100 km radius of Hamilton know that there is a wonderful local music scene. It is filled with many artistic gems and even a few super stars from more musical genres then even named.
The creative waters indeed are flowing from Lake Erie through the Grand River and  to Lake Ontario giving birth to thousands of musical acts over the years and the tradition continues.
This weekend Brantford becomes the stage of a new musical event; WTFest. It features an all Canadian line-up of Rock, Pop, Electronica, Punk artists and many of them are from this area. Local music fans will recognize bands such as Peeler, Sons Of Revelry, Harbour and the Ascot Royals. A local music festival promoting local indie music, it sounds like a perfect event for Euphonious Radio to support.
We are very excited to be an official media outlet covering this festival. We will have DJ Steve O along with a photographer on site during both days speaking to artists, organizers, fans and anyone who will participate. It should be a lot of fun, as we capture this event through photos, interviews and live posts on Facebook and Twitter for both days.
We hope you decide to come and enjoy all the great music WTFest has to offer and maybe we'll meet up and you can tell us what your favourite show is on Euphonious Radio.

For festival line-up details, tickets and more you can go to

Written by Steve Wey (a.k.a DJ Steve O)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Time To Listen

It has been several months since my last post and much has changed at Euphonious Radio but one unfortunate factor remains the same and that is very low listening numbers. Yes, the numbers are improving most months which is great but the numbers are just too low to continue investing time and money for no gain. Now, the previous statement reflects the business person portion of my brain which is continuously reminding me of this poor financial investment. However, luckily the creative part of my brain is saying, rubbish, artistically Euphonious Radio is a success. So, I hope you can understand my difficult struggle about whether to continue with broadcasting Euphonious Radio or not.
When I think about discontinuing the broadcast, I think of the hundreds of independent artists I have met since October 2012 and how they struggle with the exact same problem. How do we get people to listen to and buy our music? How do I get you to listen to my music channel?
The internet has been a great tool for independent musicians to distribute their music but it has also created a lot more traffic, so how to get noticed has become the new normal problem of this music age.
Some artists have found success through comical you tube videos which can provide a temporary spike in your success graph. Crowd funding has also replaced high interest personal loans for creators but I think this form of funding is a trend and not something that will remain due to the high annoyance factor.
The artistic value of Euphonious Radio is very high and if you care about music then you will want to listen to Euphonious Radio. We add new indie music weekly and have many different types of shows scheduled daily. We don't focus on prize giveaways as do conventional radio stations but rather we focus on the music and the presentation.
The international music community has been very supportive of Euphonious Radio and the local listening community needs to start taking notice and begin supporting this great musical venture called Euphonious Radio.
You can go right now and enjoy great indie music by clicking on the link;

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Listening to Euphonious Radio

To my bewilderment, it has been a challenge attracting listeners to Euphonious Radio and a fantastic learning experience. Sometimes the challenge has proven too much for my over stressed nerves to handle and then somehow I always manage to survive each process. For me, the prize is knowing there are others listening and loving what they hear and are returning for more.
The international music community have been very supportive, new submissions come in everyday, the guest list for my one show The Indie Spotlight grows each day. The interest in the other shows grows daily as well.
A lot of hard work, patience and perseverance has gone into creating and promoting Euphonious Radio. I want it to succeed and it will, I won't stop because on a few levels it keeps me alive. I created Euphonious Radio from the love of music and for the necessity of needing a job. Due to a chronic pain syndrome (Fibromyalgia) it has removed me from the typical job market. I created a working environment which I can manage and I am able to put my health ahead of work, so when I need to rest, I do so without having to feel guilty or be harassed by managers.
I am really excited to see how the station is maturing and sounding great as always, thanks to an awesome streaming company in the UK.
There are a few significant events that will be occurring soon and they will make Euphonious Radio even better.
Please do drop by and give us a listen and let us know what you think and after maybe you can tell a friend or two.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Welcome To The Bell City

It has taken it seems like a lifetime to find the right broadcast location for Euphonious Radio and a home for myself. After receiving a few curve balls from life, I think I have finally hit a home run (sorry for the baseball analogy). The top of my wish list was a small storefront property looking onto a busy street with a lot of car/foot traffic. Where I could broadcast from downstairs and then above it I would live in a mid sized apartment. Now, reality gave me the room with a street level window and a great broadcast space. Well, it turns out reality also wants me to live in the same space. So, I broadcast/live in this room on a residential street with my large window on street level. After living in Hamilton for the past thirty years it feels nice to venture somewhere new.
The "Bell City" as it's known among the longtime residents, gets the name after Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Of course, I prefer to use this other reference, "The birthplace of Wayne Gretzky" as I am a huge hockey fan. Yes, Brantford is much smaller than Hamilton with a quarter of the population and I am fine with the downsizing of the city and my living space, so I can be closer to my girls.
Hopefully, this is where Euphonious Radio will lay down some roots and become part of the Brantford community.  This idea excites me a lot and gives me the drive needed to full fill the dream. I know Euphonious will become somehow involved in different charities and community activities over the years to come. For now, we are the new kid in town and we need to earn your respect before you will change your music listening practices and become a regular listener to Euphonious Radio.
We offer a new twist compared to analogue radio, we have actual music shows where you will either be entertained and/or educated about music. We seem to know when to talk and when not to, therefore there is a lot more music being played.  We know you like a variety of music, so we play a lot of independent music, alongside the mainstream greats. For us music is like food, we consume ourselves with all things music. Then, we remind ourselves this is our job, this is a legitimate business, and we need to make a profit every year in order to exist.  Ok fair enough, but we still love music regardless of what we are doing or where we are doing it. All the money or a lack of, will never change how we feel about music or our relationship with it, as a listener or as a musician.
This is why I created Euphonious Radio because I love music!

Steve Wey
Euphonious Radio

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On The Move Again

Although we had just moved from Hamilton to Brantford in October 2013 into a fantastic studio space, it is necessary to pick up and move again.
This move stings on many levels and is a direct result of a failed marriage forcing me to move the studio.  This is a challenging time for me right now and there is so much to do personally, so any help with the station is welcomed.
In the next few weeks, I hope to be in the new location and return to broadcasting great music.
If you are interested in helping Euphonious Radio financially or otherwise, you can contact
DJ Steve-O

Thursday, January 9, 2014

In A Nut Shell - 2013

The year of 2013 will always be very special to Euphonious Radio, as it was our first full operating year on Internet Radio. There have been many challenges to overcome and I'm sure there will  be many more just around the corner in 2014. Of course, there were many highlights to celebrate and to build-up the momentum for this new year.

Just a few of our 2013 Highlights:
  1. Built-up a two thousand person fan base through social media (FB, Twitter and You Tube).
  2. Built a network of over one hundred indie musicians/bands worldwide.
  3. We are big supporters of indie music, we have five great shows featuring independent music: 'The Indie Hour', 'The Indie Spotlight', 'Sounds Around The Skyway', 'Indie Saturday' and the 'Urban Contemporary' show.
  4. Created and distributed promo merchandise: Logo, Business Cards, Posters, T-Shirts and Bumper Stickers.
  5. Designed Advertising packages starting as low as $25.- and we will customize packages when requested.
As you can see, the year 2013 was very busy. There is still much more to do to make Euphonious Radio your favorite music site. Well, good thing we just started 2014 - Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Love Of Music

Well, winter is definitely in the air, the nights are very cold and the day's range from cold to comfortable, like in a t-shirt and jeans along with a hoodie. Although, the weather is constantly changing, our love for great music never does and there is never a shortage of new and classic music for your listening pleasure. The love for Indie music on Euphonious Radio is very much alive and kicking-ass.
Since the beginning of Euphonious Radio (2012) we have met close to one hundred plus musicians from all over the globe. They support the concept of Euphonious and therefore they willingly share their music with us, so we can enhance your music experience.
The relationship of Loving The Music can start anywhere with anyone, it's not dependent on anything other than pure love.
It's not dependent on a membership card or certain type of credit card. Anyone, anywhere can enjoy the love of music. It is all around us, on the radio, the web, the t.v. and on our cell phones and of course our MP3 players.
When a soul relinquishes itself to the music on hand, it is simply a beautiful thing.
It is this, spirit of loving music that drives my internet radio station Euphonious Radio.
If you have listened before and enjoyed the experience, please do share us with your follower's and don't be shy, please make some time to comeback and enjoy the music!
If you are new to us that is also great, please do enjoy your music experience with Euphonious Radio.