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Friday, September 6, 2013

The Sounds Of Summer

Well, with summer beyond it's peak and beginning to wind down with school returning in two weeks. I'm glad to have been able to get out and see a couple of local concerts.
I went with my good friend Jody to The Artword Artbar on 15 Colbourne St. in Hamilton, ON and checked out the very first show of The Sweet Nothings a Jazz Trio from Hamilton, the line up is: Tom Shea (guitars,vocals), Angela Maccaroni (flute, vocals) and Jennifer Lockman (keys, vocals). A very sweet sound you won't want to miss, believe you me!  You can sample their sound on my You Tube channel, Euphonified, I took some video while I was there. Opening for them was the latest reincarnation of Say Goodnight Gracie an Alternative/Folk/Blues Trio also from the Hamilton Area. The current line up is Brandon General (guitar/vocals) and Brennagh Burns (guitar/vocals) and Roxanne Rindell (vocals). This was another wonderful sounding act where you will also find a video on my Euphonified channel.  They are in the process of recording songs for their debut cd.
The Artword Artbar is a great venue for live music where the intimate setting provides good acoustics and the odds are in your favour by the end of the evening, you will have made a new acquaintance or two, where "the more the merrier" really rings true here.
The other venue was The Festival Of Friends at the Ancaster Fairgrounds on the Independent Music stage. The artist was a singer/songwriter from Burlington, ON Hayley Roscoe (guitar/keyboard/vocals) where I recorded some audio/video footage of her act for future broadcast on Euphonious Radio. She was accompanied by Calvin Bernard on cahoun and the two sounded great together, she was showcasing songs from her debut EP 'Catalyst'. A very solid effort from both and they even performed her brand new song 'Fool' which was also very solid. I highly recommend her six song EP 'Catalyst' where you can purchase on iTunes.
For me listening to music with a warm breezy air and an evening under the stars, is the absolute best. Oddly and luckily, I have never experienced a downpour during an outdoor concert, a very good omen, I suppose.
Another summertime favourite for me is being around a campfire with friends & family and being serenaded with a solo performance by another music lover. Summer itself brings it's own music along the way. As I sit outside with my iPod attached to me as if it were some type of intravenous feeding machine, enjoying some great music. I guess in a way it is, as it feeds me one song after another, indefinitely, as I have set my device in endless shuffle. The rustling of the leaves in the trees and the background booming sounds from auto enthusiasts blasting their favourite songs, through systems that cost as much as a small down payment on a house (I'm jealous).  Listening to music outdoors with friends & family on the patio, while enjoying a delicious BBQ meal, is also a splendid way to enjoy some tunes. While enjoying some lip smacking beverages, of course.
Another way, that is pretty cool, is on the open water. Whether it be in a fishing boat or in a speedboat, sailboat or just relaxing on the beach.  There is something very liberating about being able to listen to music just about anywhere these days.
This summer marks the first for Euphonious Radio and unfortunately we are unable to celebrate it properly. Due to an unconventional move, I had to put all of it's equipment in storage. Believe you me, it was not an easy decision, as it was gaining popularity. However, I am convinced when we return to the cyber waves, we can improve even more on the listenership numbers. When we do get back on the air it will be just in time for it's one year Anniversary celebrations. I am hoping next summer to be broadcasting somewhere live at one or two outdoor venues.
In the summer, to me it is a great feeling to be able to sit outside very peacefully enjoying music wherever I like, I love it.
However you enjoy listening to your favourite music in the summer, I hope you had a chance to do so.
Soon, the leaves will be changing colours and we will be enjoying more music, just in a different way.