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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moved and Stored

On July 22, 2013 Euphonious Radio went off air in preparation of a move which took place on July 30th. We have moved from Hamilton, ON to Brantford, a city with a population  of about 80,000 and approximately 50 km southwest of Hamilton. You may have heard about Brantford before, as it's the birthplace of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky.

It was a strange feeling packing Euphonious Radio's equipment in cardboard boxes. It felt to me, as if I was burying my best friend.

The house we will be moving to is being renovated and won't be ready until October 1st, so we are storing our possessions until then.

In the meantime, the four of us, plus our brown lab (aka. Sasha  the studio dog) and Lilly the budgie, have moved into my in-laws house temporarily. During this time it is not practical to set-up the equipment. But rather I am using the time to enjoy some R&R with my family and plan for the second broadcast season of Euphonious Radio.

The return to air date is on October 14, just in time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Euphonious Radio. I am currently planning a special celebration to mark this milestone.

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