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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Myriad of Shows

The purpose  of Euphonious is to simply enjoy the pleasure of listening to great music.  I believe that variety is an important part of enjoying music. Therefore, I offer a mix of music like nowhere else, I welcome Rock, Jazz, Pop, Country, Blues and much more all on one web radio station.

Another signature feature of Euphonious is supporting the Indie Music community. I am absolutely thrilled how positive  Indie Artists from around the globe have been contributing their music to Euphonious. I must say how talented all of these artists are and I welcome all radio ready Indie Artists. I wish I had the funds to start my own record label it would be easy to do with all these great artist submissions.

This has inspired me to create "The Indie Spotlight". This is a combination of the song of the day and a daily broadcast of a 60 minute conversation with the artist(s). It started as a weekly one hour show and now has evolved into a free one week promotional opportunity. As you can imagine, this has become very popular with the Indie artists and their fans.

A new upcoming show is "In Between The Grooves" which features great vinyl recordings. This show was inspired from the passion of my good friend Jody and his massive collection.

Then, another upcoming show is "The Concert Hall" where a different collection of live music will be featured each week. I have always loved seeing live performances of my favourite music. This show will be the next best thing.

There are now a total of thirteen music related shows to enjoy and there is now a schedule  to help you navigate through all of these great shows.

I am very proud of Euphonious and how it has grown in such a short time. I look forward to seeing  the listenership continue to grow and interact with each other on Twitter and Facebook. I hope Euphonious grows into an international community where music lovers can converge and interact with one another all "For The Love of Music".

 I hope you enjoy this new format of Euphonious!

Steve Wey
Creator of Euphonious