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Thursday, April 11, 2013

The beginning of Euphonious

Welcome to the new blog for the web radio station from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Here is where you will find details to the happenings of my free web radio station.  I created with my good friend Jody Ure and we began broadcasting a huge library of music (mostly Jody's library) back in October 2012, just as a couple of  fanatical music Lovers.     

Unfortunately, our business relationship began to burden our friendship and by February 2013 we made the mutual decision to remain friends and dissolve our business relationship. Since, Jody has a full time job and I don't anymore as my health drove me out of the job market. It made sense for me to continue with Euphonious and it would become my job.

I learned rather quickly to my surprise that just playing great music wasn't going to be enough to bring listeners to I thought the idea of playing all major genres of music like Rock, Pop, Jazz, Country, Blues and Classical, all on one station would be the ticket to getting large flocks of listeners to tune in. I was wrong again.

So then, I have created a weekly radio show titled "The Indie Spotlight" which features a new or independent music band and/or solo artist each week discussing their projects and as a catalyst for helping these artists to sell their music. "The Indie Spotlight" now has become a free one week promotional opportunity for the Indie Music community where I play a different song each day of the artist and once an hour. I also introduced a daily Music Trivia question where you can win cd's or tickets to concerts.

All of these efforts have made little but no major difference to my listenership numbers. I know it has been only five months and I need to be patient. I love Euphonious, I am extremely proud of what I have created out of nothing more than a passion for music. This blog is another effort in spreading the word about Euphonious a commercial free independent broadcast promising a diverse music experience at

If you love music than I think you will love Euphonious, please give it a try and if you do like it please spread the word.


Steve Wey
Creator of Euphonious