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Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Best Support Is Listening

Euphonious Radio is gaining a lot of support with the help from Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. However, the best way to support Euphonious is to listen and provide helpful feedback.

I feel a critical decision coming on in the near future and I don't want to be faced with having to make it. With the arrival of iTunes Radio in the fall 2013 will Euphonious Radio have any relevancy?

In theory, I think it does as long as people continue to listen.  Euphonious Radio supports Indie music where I'm not sure iTunes Radio will. I put a lot of hours in planning shows where you won't get special shows on iTunes Radio.

For those who know me personally, know I have become a huge supporter of Apple products in the past five or six years now. The Euphonious platform is built with Apple products, compatible software and peripherals.

Actually, when I started Euphonious Radio I asked myself, why doesn't Apple do this? After all they have the largest music library in the world! Well, I guess someone heard me ask the question.

I love Euphonious Radio, I am very proud of what I have created from the pure love of music.
It saddens me deeply, believe me when I ask myself will people still tune into Euphonious Radio when iTunes Radio arrives?