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Friday, February 13, 2015

Time To Listen

It has been several months since my last post and much has changed at Euphonious Radio but one unfortunate factor remains the same and that is very low listening numbers. Yes, the numbers are improving most months which is great but the numbers are just too low to continue investing time and money for no gain. Now, the previous statement reflects the business person portion of my brain which is continuously reminding me of this poor financial investment. However, luckily the creative part of my brain is saying, rubbish, artistically Euphonious Radio is a success. So, I hope you can understand my difficult struggle about whether to continue with broadcasting Euphonious Radio or not.
When I think about discontinuing the broadcast, I think of the hundreds of independent artists I have met since October 2012 and how they struggle with the exact same problem. How do we get people to listen to and buy our music? How do I get you to listen to my music channel?
The internet has been a great tool for independent musicians to distribute their music but it has also created a lot more traffic, so how to get noticed has become the new normal problem of this music age.
Some artists have found success through comical you tube videos which can provide a temporary spike in your success graph. Crowd funding has also replaced high interest personal loans for creators but I think this form of funding is a trend and not something that will remain due to the high annoyance factor.
The artistic value of Euphonious Radio is very high and if you care about music then you will want to listen to Euphonious Radio. We add new indie music weekly and have many different types of shows scheduled daily. We don't focus on prize giveaways as do conventional radio stations but rather we focus on the music and the presentation.
The international music community has been very supportive of Euphonious Radio and the local listening community needs to start taking notice and begin supporting this great musical venture called Euphonious Radio.
You can go right now and enjoy great indie music by clicking on the link;